Friday, March 29, 2019

Santa Clarita Diet: Episode 27

27. A Specific Form of Recklessness
Dobrivoje Poplović (Goran Višnjić) initiates the hunt for Joel. Sheila struggles to tell Joel about turning her Meals on Wheels grandma into an Undead so she can live a bit longer to meet her granddaughter. Killing the husband of one of Anne’s cult mates who came to her is also now being blamed on the same woman, who is arrested by the police. Since they still have the husband’s body in their freezer, they devise a plan to toss it into the ocean in a diving suit after dousing the body with vodka to make it look like an accident and exonerate the wife. But first, they finally find Ron having the time of his life at a skate park. He tells them that he plans to turn more people and that the couple are his beneficiaries in his life insurance plan. Abby’s FBI interview goes well for her but not for Eric, who is now the prime suspect in the fracking site bombing after their alibis fail to do mislead. Things come together and they all decide to plant the dead body and blow it up with C4 in another fracking site and put the blame on him to solve their problems.

Don’t you just love how the writers of this show stay true to the theme for the episode and stick to it no matter what? For this chapter, it’s all about repercussions: repercussions of blowing-up the fracking site; repercussions of doing people favors and how it can backfire. It also deals with choices and consequences. I still don’t buy the Ron subplot, though. Anne suddenly feels like heaven-sent. I don’t totally ignore Ron’s dilemma, though. His line of reasoning is so relatable that you just couldn’t totally hate him even if he is annoying as fuck. In any case, all the trouble builds up excitement slowly but surely. For two seasons Santa Clarita has been quiet while Sheila and Joel have everything under control. Now we see that their past decisions are starting to bite them in the ass and that’s good plot development right there. Even then, I also appreciate the balance because there is always one threat eliminated or conflict resolved before introducing yet another one. As Joel once said, it’s like juggling. Never-ending juggling, that is.

"You're a living proof that you don't need feet to kick ass." –Sheila Hammond

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