Friday, March 29, 2019

Santa Clarita Diet: Episode 23

23. We Let People Die Every Day
Joel and Sheila talk to Anne to get her off their lives, but she is insistent and even gives Sheila a painting of her as the Virgin Mary. Left without a choice, they decide that she must die. She invites her to her stockroom to kill her and confesses everything about her murdering people for food. Anne dismisses Sheila’s rants as her not believing in herself yet and insists on supporting them. Sheila just couldn’t kill her after the ego boost. Gary is now rotting in the basement after they forget to give him the serum, which they now do. He offers a lot of ideas for Hammond Realty and even works as their first employee. Joel asks him for advice regarding Sheila’s proposition of biting him so both of them can live forever. Abby and Eric face the FBI agent along with other members of the environmental club but are somehow saved by a classmate’s no-nonsense attitude. Paul’s brother Tommy tries to kill Christa but Sheila and Joel go out of their way to prove to him that she is not undead, saving her life in the process.

I still find Anne annoying, but I am starting to see her importance in the bigger picture. I mean, if Joel has a shrink in Gary’s head, why not Sheila too, right? After all, there aren’t so many people who can relate to their family’s truth. Now that Anne knows all about it, then they can be more open to one another, but Jesus freaks can be so irritating most of the time. It’s clever for the writers to let Gary’s head rot so another actor can take over the role after Nathan Fillion’s departure. Even the change in voice is justified because of his head’s deteriorating state! As for the Knights of Serbia, I want to know until when they can manipulate the idiot brother. He’s not so clever, now ain’t he? At this point the Serbian consul seems more of a threat after seeing Joel and Sheila with the guy in a video recorded by his henchmen. This episode is more of a breather after we got bombarded with updates on the storyline in the previous one. I suppose the next episode will get the ball rolling again as far as the main premise is concerned.

"Let's go save her life so she can die one day in a tanning bed accident." –Sheila Hammond

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