Friday, March 29, 2019

Santa Clarita Diet: Episode 30

30. The Cult of Sheila
Joel and Sheila prepare an open-house party for the debut of Hammond Realty. Gary demands more benefits and perks after making the party a success, which Joel and Sheila reconsider. He also invites Jean, Tommy, and Ron to the party. To complicate matters, Poplović also drops by after stalking Joel and concluding HE is undead. He wants Undead blood to launch a beauty product empire banking on the fountain of youth. When he takes him hostage, Sheila comes to the rescue but is impaled. Jean, Tommy, and Ron all head to the safehouse to save their friends. Later, they get matching uniforms and pledge their allegiance to the Cult of Sheila, after Joel shoots Poplović dead. Left alone at home, Abby and Eric are ambushed by Poplović’s undead henchmen, whom she kills with ease. Later, she gives her unconventional relationship with Eric a chance. Joel finally agrees to be bitten but is ambushed by Mr. Ball Legs who enters his ear. Not breathing anymore, Sheila bites him to revive him. He wakes up.

Why does Netflix keep on cancelling the good shows? In fairness to Santa Clarita Diet, it was a good run. Hey, 3 seasons ain’t that bad! Perhaps the viewership was just really low, which sucks because this show is just so fun. In any case the season finale though anti-climactic, which also eventually serves as the series finale by the way, is a good open-ended conclusion that can be continued anytime or left untouched as it is. If ever a Season 4 comes along in the future, there are actually a lot of new subplots to explore, like Joel finally being undead. We’ve seen Sheila’s journey, but Joel’s should be more interesting with three seasons worth of backstory focusing on his love-hate relationship with the Undead. It would also be interesting to watch how he would live his now double-life as an undead hunter of the dead. Ironic, right? And of course, this further complicates Abby’s life with both her parents now being Undead. Too bad it had to end, but we had fun and at least the show did not go downhill at all. I will miss the Hammonds!

"What if love is only possible because life is fleeting? That knowing it's gonna end is the reason why people cling to each other." –Joel Hammond

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