Friday, March 29, 2019

Santa Clarita Diet: Episode 24

24. More of a Cat Person
Ramona drives down from Seattle to retrieve Mr. Ball Legs after Sheila sends her an SMS about his condition. She suggests that Sheila thaw hers, an idea that Joel is not so open about. Sheila is also pressuring him to decide regarding her offer of eternal life with her, but he really isn’t sure he wants to accept. One of Anne’s cult fellows visits Sheila at Hammond Realty’s first open house. While dismissive, she sympathizes with the woman who comes to her for advice regarding her abusive husband, whom they lure later into the kill room for Sheila’s food. Eric cracks under pressure during the FBI interview after being caught off-guard about his stepfather Dan’s C4 explosives, which they used for the fracking site explosion. Alone, Abby confronts Ramona who wants Eric back. Instead of a messy confrontation, Ramona tells Abby how it is so obvious that she is in love with him, even mustering enough courage to have a face-off with her despite her obvious supernatural advantage. She decides to drive back to Seattle alone, taking Mr. Ball Legs with her.

It’s cool to see Ramona again, and her not getting killed by Abby or the other way around. The Eric-Abby subplot is getting more and more cliché. They also need their own storyline outside her mom’s central dilemma, but the approach has been formulaic at best. At least their dialogues are still enjoyable to listen to. Neither Anne nor Gary appears in the episode, although there is a short cameo from Eric’s mom, who gets dumped by Anne, which leads us to think that she must be planning something big. Perhaps the cult she is establishing is getting popular. Tommy finally finds out the truth about Joel and Sheila, or at least it seems so. At least we will be getting more action in the next episode. I am still more curious about the Serbian consul’s backstory, though. We’re already halfway through the season and his motives are not yet clear. Given the style of exposition this show is known for, though, maybe they are reserving him and his group as the big bad for Season 4. For now, I guess they have to resolve the Tommy subplot first.

"My last taste of the master race unless Whole Foods decides to start selling Nazis." –Sheila Hammond

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