Friday, March 29, 2019

Santa Clarita Diet: Episode 21

21. Wuffenloaf
A Serbian colonel experiments on an Undead in his country, but the farmer kills himself with a knife to the brain. The colonel is then relocated to the Serbian consulate in LA, which Joel visits to ask about the Knights of Serbia, an ancient group tasked to stop the infection. They deny the existence of such group and it is later revealed that they are working against them, labeling the order as meddlesome. Abby and Eric celebrate blowing up the fracking site and making it to the news, only to find out from Anne that the FBI are stepping in and has labeled their act as eco-terrorism. After getting Anne on their side, Sheila expects life to be easier for them. They move back to their house and begin the hunt for her food through her Nazi lobster pool. Anne proves to be helpful in finding information and concealing evidence, but she also crosses the line to being meddlesome by volunteering to dispose the bodies of Sheila’s victims, not knowing that they serve as her food. Unbeknownst to them, she has also organized a group of disciples for Sheila.

True enough as Gary said, things just got awkward. While I appreciate Anne’s new role as their inside connection in the police force, I don’t think I am going to like the cult subplot. Perhaps it’s just personal preference but based on other movies or shows I’ve seen with that kind of angle, things tend to quickly go south. It’s cool that the season premiere just picks up exactly where last season’s finale left off, no flash forward whatsoever. At least there is that semblance of immediacy just continuing the story where we last saw it. New season also means new conflicts. The threats do remain, though. The legal repercussions are shifted from Sheila to Abby and Eric with the FBI’s involvement. Sheila and Joel are still being pursued, though, by the Knights of Serbia as well as the newly-introduced Serbian colonel posing as consulate staff. I wonder what his or his group’s motivations are for hunting the undead, though. Taking a cue from Stranger Things, perhaps weaponization of the threat, like bio-terrorism and the like? Surprise us.

"It's a spider with a top hat, the Broadway version of you." –Sheila Hammond

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