Friday, March 29, 2019

Santa Clarita Diet: Episode 25

25. Belle and Sebastian Protect the Head
The FBI closes in on Eric and Abby, visiting their homes for investigation. They try to get rid of Dan’s C4 but Eric’s mom changes the lock and later leads the FBI agent there, revealing a closet full of bags. She later tells the two that she knows they blew up the fracking site and she forces Abby to come clean to her parents, who are also outraged by the confession but have more important matters to deal with. Tommy almost kills Sheila after using their own technique of luring them into his own kill room. The two are saved by the unannounced arrival of Tommy’s daughter. Sheila and Joel decide to convince him to have a truce, but he still shows up at their residence just in time for the FBI agent’s visit. They manage to distract him and Sheila goes in for the kill, but stops short of biting him after he screams out to them to tell his daughter he loves her. They end up with a truce after all when Sheila convinces him that she’s not a monster. Ron breaks into their house earlier that day, discovers Gary’s head and tricks him into biting him.

Clap, clap! This episode zeroed in on parenthood: Lisa and Eric; Sheila/Joel and Abby; Tommy and his daughter. It was still hilarious, especially Tommy being so dense, but it was more of an aww episode. That bit with Lisa was effective, maybe because we never see her that serious. It’s in those small moments where you get to see that even the minor characters are not one-dimensional here. They aren’t just support characters. They have their backstories, too, relatable and human. As for plot development, the episode gets rid of Tommy but introduces another threat in the form of Ron, who now adds to the Undead count in Santa Clarita. Given how he is not that mentally stable, he sure will be a threat not just to the Hammonds but to everyone as well. I never really liked Ron, but it’s an interesting angle to explore given how Joel already considers him as a friend somehow. They can take the easy way out by just going for his brain like Tommy almost did with Sheila’s, but exploring that friendship angle makes for a good subplot.

"If you're thinking of killing one of the bachelors, I have some ideas." –Abby Hammond

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