Friday, March 23, 2018

Santa Clarita Diet: Episode 20

20. Halibut!
In panic, Sheila and Joel enlist Gary’s help to record a message on a burner phone to throw Anne off their track. Abby and Eric plant the phone in Dan’s cabinet where Anne finds it. Joel and Sheila attend Lisa’s baptismal party with all of Anne’s cop friends and when she reveals to them that deleted messages can be traced, their celebration proves to be temporary, given how Gary recorded implicating messages that they deleted. The Hammonds pack and get ready to leave. Abby and Eric kiss. Anne catches them loading their car and gets a call from her tech guy saying no deleted messages were found. Everything is fine again; Sheila gives her bracelets to Anne as a sign of gratitude, which she hears shaking in the recorded message. She finds the two at the desert just about to kill Gary’s head, on his request. As Anne shoots Sheila, the truth about her being undead as well as undead Gary’s head are revealed. Her religious side kicks in. She asks for a sign from God, which coincides with Abby and Eric blowing up the fracking site from afar. She bows down.

Rare is a show that doesn’t suffer from a sophomore slump. This is one of those shows. It just feels like a masterclass in sitcom writing. All that fracking blow-up subplot didn’t make sense until now, and the episode gives you the benefit of that aha moment to figure out how it will be factored into the bigger picture. Anne’s religious side has also always been blatantly paraded in front of our faces since day one, which made sure that it being used as a plot device to resolve conflicts wouldn’t come across as too contrived. I’m glad that neither Gary nor Anne must go. I have come to love them both and I am looking forward to what they can contribute in the next season now that they are in the inner circle of the Hammond secret. Even then, I really admire the emotional parts of the episode. That part where the Hammonds realize that they are done for and must now live as fugitives is just the right kind of reality check without being too melodramatic. The back and forth in the cat-and-mouse chase made it all exciting.

"You're defrosting an elbow in our microwave. We're terrible murderers!" –Joel Hammond

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