Friday, February 3, 2017

Santa Clarita Diet: Episode 10

10. Baka, Bile and Baseball Bats
The family prepares to meet Cora Wolf. Sheila tells Joel that he should make tough decisions if ever she deteriorates further and ends up like that guy in West Virginia who murdered his entire family. The doctor has bad news, though. She only ever tested her formula on rats, and even then it is no cure but rather something that will just stop the deterioration. It means Sheila will still have to feed on humans and that there is no going back to what she was before. In short, she will remain dead. As they try to collect bile from Principal Novak’s grandmother which is a crucial ingredient for the formula, Sheila goes feral and attacks Joel. She goes back home and asks Abby to chain her down at the basement. Cora Wolf walks out on them due to police involvement in Joel’s arrest. He is thrown into a psych ward. Abby is left with the book and Eric helps her come up with ideas on how to host a Serbian exchange student from whom the can extract the bile. With her parents both locked up, it’s up to her to save her mom from her fate.

That was rather anti-climactic. I was expecting something more definitive, but this is open-ended indeed, even though one can argue that it is already a fitting ending that can survive without a second season. Cora Wolf is amusing in a really weird kind of way. The portrayal comes off as a little bit too gimmicky, though. It feels like you’re watching a caricature of a nerdy scientist trying hard to be funny. Since the show has been generally well-received, a season two now seems to be a guarantee. It makes you wonder what direction they will take when that time comes. Surely, the fight for Sheila’s survival is not yet over. Abby just takes over, and we’ve seen in the last few episodes how clever and resourceful she could be. Maybe she and Eric can save her mother after all. The question, perhaps, is if they can do so on time. Like the doctor said, once she goes feral, there’s no going back. While killing her appears to be just a joke now, it’s going to be hard to watch it when it finally happens. That will be heartbreaking.

"I've known you, what, five minutes and already I'd rather have you kill me." –Sheila Hammond

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