Friday, February 3, 2017

Santa Clarita Diet: Episode 2

2. We Can't Kill People
Husband and wife bury Gary’s body. The arrival of a car startles them, but they find out that it’s just Abby and Eric, who have tracked them via GPS. Now the four of them know that she has killed and eaten her first victim. They are able to get an offer from the house client that Gary stole from them. As the days go by, Sheila’s longing for human flesh gets stronger and stronger. Frozen meat doesn’t cut it anymore. Freshly killed animals won’t do either. Joel consults a virologist in an effort to shed more light on their situation, but the doctor ends up referring him to a shrink. His trip to the hospital is not in vain, though, as he gets to meet the morgue assistant, who assumes that the couple must just be into necrophilia. With a price tag of $5000 per cadaver, the two only get to afford a foot, which doesn’t appeal to her taste buds either. Although reluctant to kill people at first, he finally succumbs and promises her that they will do whatever they can to keep her cravings satisfied.

This episode is the green light, warning the audience that hey, it’s going to be gory from this point on. Well, it has been gory since the pilot. The prospect is a bit exciting because there are many factors to be considered here. Who are they going to kill? How are they going to do it? And how are they going to get away with it? There’s a police officer living next door, right? And from the looks of it, his snooping around as early as now means he’s going to be the focus of the man-vs-man conflict here. The abrupt transition to Sheila’s new brash demeanor is also telling. How far down the line will she go? Will this continue to be a comedy or will this take a sudden turn for the melodramatic in the end? I mean, this is a family here and turning to murder for cannibalism’s sake does not bode well for anyone out there. Furthermore, is she going to cause an epidemic or a zombie outbreak or is she an isolated case? What is the cause of all this and is she the only one experiencing it? Too many questions! Let’s hope that each will get answered.

"Everyone is afraid of change. But when life is screaming, this is your new truth, you need to accept it. Be bold. Be brave, and live your new truth no matter what it is." –Sheila Hammond

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