Friday, February 3, 2017

Santa Clarita Diet: Episode 9

9. The Book!
Joel gladly tells Sheila, as he tries to fix her lopsided eye, that the guy who owns the ancient Serbian book finally agreed to meet them. Abby keeps up her rebellious streak by stealing a motorcycle from the guy who ripped them off. Accompanied by their police officer neighbor home, she starts to worry her parents. Sheila goes with her to return the motorcycle while Joel and Eric head to the paranormal convention. The eccentric book owner won’t entertain Joel, accusing him of working for the government. He exposes the guy as a fake, but finds another person who points him to the direction of a scientist who can actually help them. Mother and daughter get to spend some quality time together, making Sheila realize that she wants to see her daughter grow up and be there for her as her mother. When Joel returns, she tells him that she is willing to seek treatment, no matter how much of a longshot it is. For the family. He phones Cora Wolf (Portia de Rossi), who is seen experimenting on a dead rat that comes back to life after throwing up a red ball.

Aww, touching episode. It’s those small moments that make this show more family-oriented and poignant. I think Sheila knows there is no coming back so she is just trying to organize the household and correct Abby’s ways before she’s finally gone. Again, substitute the cannibalism with a lethal illness and it’s suddenly a legit drama that any family who had to contend with the impending death of a loved one can easily relate to. This is the second to the last episode so they need to wrap everything up. I guess that’s why things are beginning to get emotional. I just hope that Cora is not a baddie. I mean, these scientists have always turned out to be the villain after giving the lead characters false hopes. I don’t think they have a choice on the matter, though. I’m glad Drew Barrymore gave this project a chance. She’s been gone for a while and there’s nothing new about her acting here, but still she delivers what is demanded by the role. It has been an enjoyable ride. I really do hope that there’s a season two. Netflix wins again!

"Dad killed him and you ate him!" –Abby Hammond

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