Friday, February 3, 2017

Santa Clarita Diet: Episode 6

6. Attention to Detail
Joel and Sheila stalk Loki (DeObia Oparei) from their car across the street from his house but he hasn’t come back yet. They come to barbecue at Dan’s house and he lies to him about killing Loki and disposing the body. She panics when she realizes that she left her pen, which has all of their details on it, at Loki’s apartment. Dan asks Joel to kill again, a sex trafficker this time around. Sheila and Joel agree that from now on, only she will be in charge of the killing. She finds out that her new target is the guy her neighbor is having an affair with. It turns out he’s not a criminal after all. Joel sneaks back into Loki’s apartment to retrieve the pen, but is caught unawares by the arrival of his friends. They mug him and knock him out, but he does get the pen back. Abby and Eric play around with Dan’s stuff at the garage and discover a secret wall where he keeps his stash of illegal drugs, firearms, and money. They steal a thousand dollars. Joel visits Dan to put an end to his blackmail, but he refuses to give in. He hits him with a shovel.

Aww, they skip the whole Loki zombie subplot in this episode. They focus too much on the annoying neighbor instead, but at least we get a good development on that front. Is he dead, or are they going to torture him and reveal Sheila’s secret? I don’t feel any sympathy for the character, though. He’s probably the worst one here. I guess the problem with the show is that there is too much talk before the kill, which in a sense makes everything more interesting. If anything, it’s actually the funny part. It’s just that, the two always end up finding out that her potential meal is actually a good person. It’s problematic because you can always find something good in a person regardless how evil someone is. There’s always a redeeming factor, maybe except for the neighbor. Hahaha. Nah, I bet he has one too, which we’ll probably get to know in the next episodes. Nothing, it’s just that for a premise that is absurd from the get go, justifying every kill just seems so academic and unnecessary. This is fiction, after all.

"Only douches click Maybe. It's like saying yes until something better comes along." –Sheila Hammond

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