Friday, February 3, 2017

Santa Clarita Diet: Episode 3

3. We Can Kill People
Sheila and Joel lay the groundwork for their killing spree. They agree that there must be a criteria for their victims: at least someone who is bad and won’t be missed. They shop for supplies and equipment, including a chest freezer where they can keep the body to be preserved for future consumption. Abby’s friend is dumped by her drug dealer boyfriend who sells illegal hallucinogens to teens. Overhearing their conversation, the two zero in on their first candidate. Inviting him to an abandoned house under renovation, Sheila prepares to pounce, but is distracted by an important business phone call. Joel chats with their victim over marijuana, finding a good listener for his current dilemmas without revealing the truth. He lets him go, which does not sit well with his starving wife. They have a fender bender on the way home. The driver won’t stop hurling expletives at them. She jumps on him without warning and gets her long delayed meal. They stuff his body in the chest freezer afterwards.

He drive-thru dumped me! HAHAHAHA. This is the episode where it starts to pick up. The nonchalant discussion between husband and wife on who and how to murder is absurd at best, clearly not the typical theme you talk about over breakfast. But I guess that’s what makes everything funny, in a really morbid kind of way. What happens is they begin to have a system on how to go about it, but of course they won’t be able to get away with it all the time. Even so, we have many episodes left before they get caught, I suppose. I’m just wondering what the end game is going to be. Will there be a Season 2? If so, I wonder how they can sustain their viewers’ interest. Anyway, the neighbor is annoying AF. I share Sheila’s look of disdain every time he comes around to snoop. Like, eat him already. Abby is also stepping up. She’s like a mini rebellious high school version of Emma Stone. Her sarcasm is on point, and it looks like she’s going to play a big role in finding mommy some dinner once she’s in on the secret.

"I leave you for five fucking minutes and you bond with my dinner?" –Sheila Hammond

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