Friday, February 3, 2017

Santa Clarita Diet: Episode 7

7. Strange or Just Inconsiderate?
Joel hitting Dan with a shovel actually killed him. They try to get rid of the body but are interrupted by their other police neighbor looking for him. They leave the body in the tub and fill it with ice while they entertain the sheriff. Abby walks in on the body. When the sheriff leaves, she tells her parents that she knows everything, even the dead body in the freezer. She then goes on to tell Eric that her parents killed his stepdad, accompanying him to their bathroom so he can say his last goodbye. He promises not to tell on them given how he never really liked his stepfather anyway. When Sheila and Joel learn that the police are going to use sniffing dogs to find Dan the next day, she attempts to do the only solution she knows might work: Eat all of Dan before sunrise. She gives up halfway, his upper torseau remaining. Joel comes up with a twofold solution. They shove what remains of the body in a large cooler and they bring it to the beach for their excursion. The police find the hidden wall in Dan’s garage instead, along with Gary’s finger.

Still no zombie Loki subplot. No killing in this episode either. It is more like a follow-up of the last episode, the repercussions of Dan’s death. Despite the slow build-up of plot development, there’s actually a lot going on in this episode. I guess one of the most important is showing us how Joel breaks down, followed by that heart-to-heart talk between husband and wife, how she apologizes to him for breaking him. It’s as if the show went on a detour for a moment there to digest the gravity of the situation. Drama. Absurd as the premise might seem, one can always substitute this zombie virus or cannibalism with a life-threatening disease. Family problems are family problems, and this show plays around that typical dilemma, just with a truly unconventional metaphor. It makes you think. We’re not saying that your wife might turn into a zombie soon, but in the event that she has to face something damaging to the entire family, would you bail out on her or stick around? In the end, this is simply a relationship story. Gory but true.

"You guys don't let me see The Godfather until I'm 15 but you fucking kill Dan and leave him in the bathtub for me to find?" –Abby Hammond

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