Friday, February 3, 2017

Santa Clarita Diet: Episode 8

8. How Much Vomit?
Sheila struggles to reattach her little toe, but to no avail. The drop in her energy levels also suggests something is wrong. Visiting their neighbor the next day, they run into the sheriff once again, who casually mentions a guy named Loki they thought Dan killed but is still very much alive. She also says something about an insane amount of vomit. The two proceed to the motel room where he stayed and finds a similar medium-sized red ball, along with a note to kill at 8 PM on Friday. They feel obliged to stop him, so they suit up and prepare their weapons. Abby sees them and wants to join the fun, but they don’t let her. What they find is a renewed Loki brimming with enthusiasm for his music. He and Sheila end up bonding over their shared experience. He gets his food supply from the people his gang kills, leaving the body without him having to murder anyone. He then starts to pursue Sheila romantically and tries to murder Joel. The two eventually have to kill him. As Sheila shows Joel her severed finger, one of her eyeballs falls off.

HAHAHA, I didn’t see that coming. I so love the new Loki and how he did not turn out to be the monster everyone expected him to be. It just sucks that they had to accommodate that subplot yet it seems all too logical if you think about it. After all, the two of them indeed have a lot in common, and in such a strange turn of events birds of the same feather would probably end up flocking together. The episode also manages to make the presence of Sheila’s new threat felt. She is literally falling apart, and this saves the plot from its mini detour, putting everything back on track to pursue the main plot, which is that of finding the cure. Abby and Eric also have their fun, but I’d like to see that tied up to the primary storyline. Otherwise, it will just be another display of adolescent angst on television. With just two episodes left, I wonder how they will wrap this up. I think almost everyone who has seen the show so far wants a second season. It’s our guilty pleasure! 10 episodes of half an hour each? Too short. We want more!

"Sweetheart, we had sex in the bathroom at Target 'cause their logo turned you on." –Joel Hammond

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