Friday, February 3, 2017

Santa Clarita Diet: Episode 5

5. Man Eat Man
Abby finds the chest freezer in the garage, as well as who’s inside it. Joel stalks Principal Novak’s grandmother and she translates the manuscripts for him, saying that it’s about a childhood horror story used to scare kids in Serbia. “Man eat man”. She also says that there should be a cure, but he needs to find the book. Googling the title, he begins his search for the person who currently owns the ancient book. Sheila tells Joel to take some time off. Dan (Ricardo Chavira) ambushes him about the severed finger he found at their yard. He doesn’t arrest him, but starts blackmailing him, asking him to be his personal hitman for problematic criminals who keep on escaping. Sheila thinks it’s a good idea that  could actually work for them. They struggle with their first victim, who successfully escapes. Sheila is not sure if she actually bit him, and wonders if he’s going to become like her if ever. Later at some random motel, the guy is found unconscious by housekeeping with an insane amount of vomit all over the place. He wakes up.

Okay, so that’s the role the annoying neighbor is going to play. I must say I didn’t see that coming despite him being shady and all. That solves one of their problems, what with one less police officer on their trail. They don’t even have to let him in on their secret. The next big reveal is the answer to our other question: Is this going to be another zombie outbreak narrative? I guess that has just been answered by this episode’s ending. The vomit galore in the room is obviously similar to that of Sheila. I don’t think there’s going to be an outbreak, though. They have been killing people to consume them. This particular case is just a mishap on Sheila’s part. The problem is, is the new zombie in town going to be as discreet and clean up his mess after every meal? Anyway, am I wrong for enjoying the murder, or in this case attempted murder, scenes? I know it’s morbid and all but they present it in such a hilarious way that I can’t help dying of laughter every time they try to kill another victim. This show is sick. In a really funny way.

"It was pretty weird. I mean, I opened it expecting to find ice cream and instead there is a dead guy with a look on his face as if I surprised him." –Abby Hammond

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