Friday, February 3, 2017

Santa Clarita Diet: Episode 4

4. The Farting Sex Tourist
Sheila’s new routine now involves taking a trip to the garage every morning to carve the dead body in her chest freezer, putting it in the blender to make a smoothie that she drinks as she jogs along with her neighbors. She encourages everyone to be their best selves, and her infectious enthusiasm has a domino effect in the neighborhood. Joel, on the other hand, goes on research mode. He has no luck with books at the local paranormal shop, but he does find a 16th century manuscript illustrating the same thing that happened to his wife before she changed. The only problem is that it has Serbian inscriptions that they can’t comprehend. When Principal Novak (Thomas Lennon) calls them to threaten Abby’s suspension due to her frequently cutting classes, Sheila starts targeting him as her next victim, much to Joel’s disagreement. When Abby eventually gets suspended because of her, she corners him with Joel and Abby watching, who thought she’s going to attack. Instead, she threatens him through other means.

This episode is not as LOL as the last one, but it still got me hooked, maybe because they are starting to acknowledge the gravity of the situation. Absurdity of the plot aside, this is still a family affair, and that scene where father and daughter admitted to themselves that they are panicking is a good way of grounding the narrative back to reality. While Sheila has been living the Carpe Diem mantra lately, one cannot deny that she is beginning to deteriorate inside, with her zombie instincts slowly overwhelming her human side. It was a sweet moment to watch her defend her child and show control in not eating the principal. The question is, until when can she suppress that urge? Judging from her character development, I’d say it won’t be long. And of course, now that the annoying neighbor has found Gary’s finger at their yard, it won’t take long for that subplot to advance either. We really do need that shake up to see how good the writers are. I’m really curious as to what resolution they’ll have for this kind of premise.

"It's probably my new diet. I've been eating a lot of protein" –Sheila Hammond

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