Friday, March 23, 2018

Santa Clarita Diet: Episode 11

11. No Family Is Perfect
Joel is detained at the psychiatric ward for what’s supposed to be a duration of 72 hours but showing compassion for his roommate whose wife just died not only convince the doctor in charge to release him, but also makes him realize how he doesn’t want to lose Sheila. Abby posts an ad online to find a Serbian exchange student who can vomit for them, so they can get the bile required for the serum. Someone contacts them, and she goes to that guy’s apartment to get it. Eric is working on the serum while Sheila is bored in the basement. She convinces him to unchain her and then he passes out after seeing her dislocated thumbs. When the guy follows Abby home, Sheila attacks and kills the guy. Joel arrives with bile at hand from the morgue which he bought for $300 and sees the mess of Sheila’s last kill. The family decides to keep her in the basement but releases her anyway, putting their trust on her hands. Eric is befriended by Rite-Aid employee Ramona (Ramona Young) who, unbeknownst to him, is also a zombie.

Didn’t Ramona already appear last season? Her weird deadpan reactions are just so amusing and now that she is somehow part of the secret because she is also like Sheila, it makes her character more interesting, aside from being funny of course. I guess that also means the beginning of a love triangle with Abby, which is perhaps just apt since the characters must also develop over time and have their own storylines. What I remember about the season finale last year was how uncertain everything felt like, but I guess it’s just a common practice for series like this to sort of brush that off and move on. It looks like Cora is out of the picture and the pressing dilemma last season has been resolved somehow, with the disclaimer that Sheila can’t get any worse, but won’t get better either. In the end what I really love about this show is how it focuses more on family despite all the gore and rather absurd premise. Perhaps that’s the reason why despite belonging to an already saturated subgenre, it still works. So far, so good!

"My mom is eating the house like a giant manipulative termite..." –Abby Hammond

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