Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Legend of the Blue Sea: Episode 9

푸른 바다의 전설: 제9
Joon-jae asks Shim Cheong not to leave, before he collapses due to his wounds. Unconscious, he meets Dam-ryeong in his dream, who warns him that history will repeat itself and that he must protect her. The gang identifies their assailant as Ma Dae-young (성동일), the escaped murderer. Because of this, he becomes overprotective of her, even criticizing her friendship with the neighborhood hobo. Joon-jae, his stepbrother, and his father all cross paths at the hospital. Emotions run high and heated words are exchanged between father and son. As he relives all the pain of their separation, he rejects every move he makes towards reconciliation. Shim Cheong becomes his crying shoulder and confidante. They kiss. The next morning, he cooks for her. Shi-ah drops by with more intel on the site of Kim Dam-ryeong’s family home. In the past timeline, he buries a clue for Joon-jae, his future self, to find. Shi-ah finds it at the excavation site and shows it to him, putting his doubts to rest.

Things are starting to pick up. I love the psychic link between Con-Man and his past self. They’re really taking this reincarnation subplot seriously. But how does the kiss-and-forget thingy work? I thought it was automatic. Apparently, it only happens when Mermaid wants to. This is that episode where the guy finally admits his feelings, maybe not to the girl, but at least to himself. This is also the part where the external factors begin to weigh them down. About time, guys. We’re almost halfway done. Now that Merman is dead, Hobo Guru is back, and I just love how she’s schooling Mermaid about the harsh realities of life and love. She’s freakin’ hilarious. It’s still all family drama on Con-Man’s side. It’s difficult and annoying to watch on TV and film, but it’s just a good reflection of how human beings are. Despite all these “warnings” we get from pop culture telling us that something is like this and you should do that, we simply don’t. Because we live for the experience. Just knowing is not enough. We must go through it to learn from it. Right?

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전생 Past Life
바보 Fool

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