Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Legend of the Blue Sea: Episode 6

푸른 바다의 전설: 제6
FLASHBACK: Se-hwa is saved last minute by one of Dam-ryeong’s friends, hiding her in a cave before falling off a cliff to his death being pursued by their enemies. In modern day Seoul, Joon-jae finds Shim Cheong’s flyers and phone scattered at the Namsan complex entrance, figuring out that something must have happened to her. She was brought to the hospital by his stepbrother, but can’t be identified due to lack of ID’s. Searching around, he finally finds her unconscious and cold with a body temperature of 29C. She goes into cardiac arrest as he watches, but wakes up minutes later after he holds her hand. His sidekicks in crime, mentor Park Moo (이희준) and hacker Tae-oh (신원호) arrive with a fake ID for her so they can get her out. The stepbrothers meet at the hospital, prompting a confrontation. The gang targets one of the hospital’s greedy officers, making him admit the truth to a woman seeking justice for her daughter who died of maltreatment. Joon-jae takes Shim Cheong to a ski resort so she can experience snow.

One thing I like about how they tell the story is the parallelism between the past and the present. The same set of characters are repeating history. The right hand man of Con-Man’s dad, for example, is the Joseon Dynasty era friend who died for them, and now it looks like he’s next to be murdered. Anyway, I love hacker kid. He seems to be the most sinister of them all. The quiet ones are always the ones susceptible to bursts of beast mode incidents, but I guess they won’t go there. For now he’s just the kid with a crush. And lest we forget, the stepbrother! When he first appeared I thought he was all goody-two-shoes, but apparently it’s just part of his manipulative ways. This is the psychotic one we should be looking out for. I don’t think I’ve seen him yet in the past storyline, but it’s pretty sure that he’s going to be the big baddie, joining his mommy later on. The comedy of errors angle is still funny, like that epilogue scene where Mermaid grabs the envelope because she was afraid the stepbro would spill water on her face. Hahaha.

Words of the day
수술 Surgery
재벌 Heir

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