Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Legend of the Blue Sea: Episode 11

푸른 바다의 전설: 제11
Contrary to Shim Cheong’s belief, Joon-jae pursues her even after discovering the truth. The Murderer dreams about Dam-ryeong about to behead him with his sword. Shim Cheong runs away and spends the night at a jjimjjilbang after seeing it done so many times in Korean dramas. When bullies steal her bag to get her money and turn her phone on, Joon-jae is able to track her, only to find his stepbrother there with her, who was the one who brought her there the night before. Joon-jae stays with her there but irks the other guests with him being overprotective of her and her aversion to water. Ge goes out with her on a date and asks her to wait as he picks up a gift. He gets caught by the police, as the Murderer sets his sights on Shim Cheong. Digging deeper into the Murderer’s records, it’s revealed that he moved in at the same time with a woman who married twice and got widowed twice, with both husbands going blind before they died. That woman is Joon-jae’s stepmother, and it looks like she’s at it again with his father now going blind.

Oh wait, I think Mermaid DOES NOT know that Con-Man can hear her inner voice. He did admit to her, through speech, that he scams people for a living. Mermaid, on the contrary, just ran off after THINKING that he won’t like her anymore if he knew her secret. She didn’t say it outright, though. He believes her anyway, I guess. Otherwise, why chase her now. Or is it some sort of responsibility in his part, a Messiah complex of sorts? Nah, romantic comedy, man. This isn’t Inception. LOL. Anyway, Gianna Jun. Damn, when she dresses up. How come she hasn’t aged a bit since My Sassy Girl up to now? Maybe she’s indeed a mermaid in real life? Back to the episode, this is the part where the party originally refusing is now the one chasing the other party who was chasing before but now refusing. I know, right. WTF? That’s just how Korean dramas work. They are predictable like that, which is why you have to find something else to appreciate, like production values and stuff, because the plot is usually generic.

Words of the day
사기꾼 Scammer
부담 Burden

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