Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Legend of the Blue Sea: Episode 10

푸른 바다의 전설: 제10
Joon-jae asks Shim Cheong about her dream where he saves her, but she lies about not remembering it. She brings the little girl she befriended home because she cut school not wanting to go, given how the other kids bully her. She later finds out that the kid can hear her inner voice, and makes her promise not to tell anyone. Joon-jae teaches Shim Cheong how to drink alcohol and she gets drunk, blabbering incoherently before admitting that she is “not human”. Her hangover recuperation capability proves to be really fast, snapping out of her drunken stupor every time she’s about to admit that she’s a mermaid. The gang heads to Shi-ah’s home to carry out their scam. Shi-ah almost catches them when she comes back until Tae-Oh steps in lying to her saying that he loves her just to divert her attention. They get out of there before she comes back. Shim Cheong catches up, thinking but not telling him that he is a con-artist, not knowing that he can also somehow hear her inner voice. She admits to him that she’s a mermaid before she runs away.

Haha, so the little girl can hear Mermaid’s inner voice, but this is no longer surprising because one flashback already established that the kid was also present in the past timeline, and her purpose was the same. But what about Con-Man? I know the whole they-are-connected-in-their-past-life thingy but how does he have that ability? Was Kim Dam-ryeong a merman or something? Oh wait, the girl is not a mermaid either, but she also has that ability. Let’s leave it all to fate. They are all interconnected, I get it. I’m loving the telepathic conversations, though. Add that to the psychic link between the past and presents selves of the characters and it gives you some sort of paranormal twist to the already supernatural premise. Even the Murderer is having those dreams. The question now is whether the other characters from the past will also communicate with their present selves to gain the upper hand. The bigger question: Are Se-hwa and Shim Cheong the same mermaid?

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