Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Legend of the Blue Sea: Episode 12

푸른 바다의 전설: 제12
FLASHBACK: A royal decree places Dam-ryeong under house arrest, putting Se-hwa’s life in danger. In modern day Seoul, Shim Cheong is also left vulnerable after Joon-jae’s arrest. She boards the Murderer’s taxi and is drugged. He convinces the police to trail the taxi, leading them to an abandoned hospital where the Murderer attempts to prove that she’s a mermaid. She threatens him with a curse, causing him to flee right before Joon-jae locates her. He bargains with the police, telling them he will cooperate in catching the Murderer, since they can’t charge them with anything concrete anyway. He keeps on stalking her thoughts, but it becomes burdensome as she thinks non-stop about his real intentions. Chi-Yeon asks about his real lineage after hearing his stepfather modify his will for everything to go to Joon-jae. Joon-jae’s mother heads to the hospital to pick up some meds. She runs into her ex-husband but he doesn't recognize her due to his failing eyesight. Chi-yeon gets drunk and warns Joon-jae that he can’t protect his father anymore.

I was about to hate on the police, but at least they are cooperative this time around. Murderer Guy also annoys me to death. He’s sinister AF. The actor is really good. I’m forever wondering about Stepbro, though. What’s his deal? Dude, you have eight episodes left, but you haven’t bared your fangs yet. Oh wait, hearing Stepdad say that everything will go to Con-Man is probably the answer. And I think his warning at the end of the episode is rather clear. What I appreciate about this development is how he is not painted as a one-dimensional character. Whatever his next move is, it’s not all about the money, but rather an act of vengeance for not being appreciated as the son who stayed, fake or real. As for Third Party Girl, I’m starting to love her. What an assuming biatch! HAHAHA. It’s so funny watching her force Hacker Kid to join her misery. I wonder if the two of them will end up together instead. She seems really harmless, though, unlike Stepbro who will probably evolve into a dangerous monster in the next few episodes.

Words of the day
사기 Fraud
영원히 Forever

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