Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Legend of the Blue Sea: Episode 13

푸른 바다의 전설: 제13
Joon-jae’s mom and Shi-ah’s sister-in-law have a heart-to-heart talk over soju, the former about her ex-husband and the latter about her investment issues with his stepmother. His father is tricked into affixing his stamp on a doctored last will and testament. Later that day, he falls down the stairs and slips into a coma. Shim Cheong is on cloud nine after he invites her to sleep next to him. He and Park Moo disagree over his reluctance to do more scams because of her. Shi-ah then takes his mother to his house, not knowing that the two are related. They are welcomed by Shim Cheong, who saved the woman earlier from a pickpocket. Shi-ah discovers the connection soon enough, seeing a mother-and-son photo in his room. They hurry up and leave before he arrives. Another hypnosis session shows him how Dam-ryeong was sent to exile, but convinced the royal guard to turn around just in time for him to save Se-hwa from their enemy’s spear. Seeing her dead lover, she thrusts the spear into her body.

Hahaha, jealousy. If Present Mermaid doesn’t know Past Mermaid, then this Mermaid is probably a different one. Again, reincarnation, perhaps. Oops, that ending confirms it. For a Joseon dynasty guy, Con-Man’s past self is a fast swimmer, to jump into the water like that after getting bludgeoned in the head just in time to shield his mermaid lover from a spear meant for her. Tragic, though. It’s suicide under the sea! Kudos to the cast and crew for not screwing up that underwater scene. They must’ve gone through hell to film that. Argh, dick move. And there I thought Third Party Girl will be harmless. Anyway, the chaebol inheritance angle is also so predictable. The fight for the inheritance begins! It’s a trope that these K-Dramas just can’t get enough of. But yeah, as I already said, it’s a good thing that Stepbro is not one-dimensional, and the actor is doing a good job in making that obvious. Plot twist: they are making it appear as though Stepbro’s real dad is the Murderer. Wow, small world. They do kinda look alike.

Words of the day
책임 Responsibility
우연히 Coincidentally

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