Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Legend of the Blue Sea: Episode 7

푸른 바다의 전설: 제7
FLASHBACK: Dam-ryeong finds Se-hwa bound in a stockroom. He takes her away and tells her about a dream he had in which they were born again and found a way back into each other’s arms. At present, Shim Cheong tells Joon-jae about a good guy she met, him not knowing that it’s actually him she’s referring to. He dreams about Dam-ryeong’s friend just as his dad’s right hand man figures in a car accident orchestrated by the murderer, who almost gets caught by the police. A flashback reveals how Joon-jae started as a con-man, with his mentor tricking him at first when he pretended to be a private investigator helping him find his mother. Shim Cheong meets a merman living as a lifeguard who gives her valuable advice: the tears they shed become pearls and can be used to get money. He also warns her that she has a time limit and that her heart will soon harden if the person she loves doesn’t love her back. As the gang heads out for another day of scamming, she takes a dip in the pool, not knowing that Joon-jae has come back for his phone.

Ooh, okay. So there’s the catch. The longer Mermaid stays on land, the quicker her heart hardens unless her love is returned. In essence this is a risky death sentence for her. But who are we kidding here. If we base it on You Who Came from the Stars’ ending, they will probably come up with a similar compromise happy ending. Same writer! Anyway, I love how Mermaid is suddenly shopping now. Who knew that all she had to do is cry and cry and cry to amass a great amount of fortune. This episode suddenly changed the rhythm of the show with the new revelations. At least now that we know what’s at stake, we can start caring. By the way, that woman for whom Con-Man’s mommy works is annoying AF but she’s also hilarious. I don’t know if I should hate on her or not. She serves as a good comic relief. Now that they are also slowly figuring out Con-Man’s connection to his past life, I guess the plot will finally advance quicker than the glacial pace it’s been threading since episode 1. Cross fingers!

Words of the day
질투 Jealousy
이혼 Divorce

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