Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Legend of the Blue Sea: Episode 8

푸른 바다의 전설: 제8
Figuring out that Shim Cheong must be naked in the pool, Joon-jae doesn’t look and he doesn’t find out that she’s a mermaid. Shi-ah shows him the Joseon era vase with the mermaid drawing on it. He consults a doctor regarding short term memory loss and they use hypnosis for him to seek what he’s trying to find. Shim Cheong wonders how long her heart can last before it falters. She asks him directly if he has any plans to love her in the future, but he responds that it is not that easy. Nevertheless, it gets both of them thinking about the weird phenomenon that is love. Shi-ah asks about Joon-jae’s mom after being counseled that the way to win his heart is by befriending his mother, not knowing that it’s the same woman she is mistreating at home. The murderer tricks Joon-jae into meeting him. He recognizes him from his past life. A fight ensues, but he comes prepared. Shim Cheong’s merman friend finally succumbs to heartache. She meets the human he fell in love with and they get to have a heart to heart talk.

It’s cool that Mermaid now has Merman as her guru. At least she also has a guide and we get to see things from their perspective. Given how he’s slowly dying, though, I think Mermaid will be alone again soon. It’s just reassuring for them to have someone of their kind to rely on, you know. But I love their discussion about love. For Mermaid, it’s a simple matter of survival. She falls in love easily, because it’s in her nature. For human beings of course, it’s not that easy, and Con-Man summarizes that quite precisely with his mini monologue about disappointment. It hits a nerve somehow because this seems like a common dilemma for our species. 7 billion people on this planet, and yet we are constantly bombarded by tales of heartache and difficulty in finding someone to call our own, may it be tales from literature, cinema, or real life itself. It makes you want to ask, since when has this issue been this complicated? Anyway, I’m loving the psychic link between the past and present selves. It’s not yet that established, but they are hinting on it.

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통금 Curfew
공무 Civil Servant

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