Friday, March 23, 2018

Santa Clarita Diet: Episode 13

13. Moral Gray Area
Joel and Sheila are in for a surprise as they unbury Gary’s severed head and find him talking to them. Apparently, she did not get to totally kill him after biting him, making him undead but without his other body parts. They bring him back home after he requests them one final favor before they end his misery. He wants them to bring the title deed of a house in Michigan to his niece, so she and her kid can live a better life. The niece accepts but complains about getting her car back from her ex. Sheila obliges despite Joel’s hesitation and finds out that the ex is part of a group of white supremacist Nazis, which is exactly the type of people she is looking for as her source of food supply. Ramona brings Eric back home and they get cozy. As he preps for sex, he discovers a dead body in the bath tub. He and Ramona have sex anyway. Thrice. Abby comes to the rescue but finds the two in bed. They then bring Ramona back home to give her the serum, after which she blows him off saying she just slept with him to get to Abby and her mom.

Aww, poor Eric. At first, I felt kind of bad for him until I realized that this is exactly the direction that the plot must take. Besides, I kinda like how manipulative Ramona turned out to be. I just wish that we get to see more of her in the coming episodes. If she is not at all related to the two strangers they met at the Serbian guy’s house, then that means there are more undead. I mean, Gary is here, too. I wonder if they are going to keep him for a while? As for Sheila and Joel, the subplot remains the same, which is finding some semblance of normalcy in their new reality. Again, it’s a creative metaphor for real life when circumstances change and then you have to adjust. What I am really enjoying so far about this show, though, is how snappy the one-liners and retorts are. Kudos to the writers for making me chuckle every other minute or so. Even then, some of the subplots seem to come from nowhere and rather random, like that of Gary’s niece and her ex. It just feels a bit convenient as for plot development. I’m still amused, though.

"Why stop there, maybe you can have a threesome with a mermaid and a hobbit." –Abby Hammond

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