Friday, March 23, 2018

Santa Clarita Diet: Episode 15

15. Going Pre-med
Sparring with the sheriff to get info whether they are getting leads regarding the disappearance of people in Santa Clarita, Sheila indirectly inspires her to pursue the link regarding all the missing people instead. Joel is upset, but when his roommate at the psych ward gets out and traces his whereabouts to his office, Sheila realizes that her husband just did the same thing. As such, both decide to be more careful about their killing spree and opt for pre-meditated murder. They rent a storage room somewhere and convert it to a kill room, where she successfully kills two of the Nazis she was targeting. Joel still can’t deal with their new normal and turns to Gary’s head for advice, whom they move to another location along with Mr. Ball Legs to get rid of evidence at their house. Abby gains notoriety at school as Tray Girl, while Eric finds ways to get closer to her. The two strangers at the Serbian guy’s house that they encountered end up talking to Joel’s psych ward roommate, the guy displaying a tattoo of Mr. Ball Legs on his arm.

And the plot thickens. On the Serbian book we see a knight that has Mr. Ball Legs drawn next to him, but Sheila and Joel don’t really know if that knight is infected with it or fighting it. With the arrival of those two strangers who look like villains to me, perhaps they are part of an ancient group of people fighting the infection and everyone infected by it. That’s the only logical explanation for them knowing a lot about the lore and mythology involved. With Ramona’s departure, another love triangle is introduced with that school kid who approached Abby. Since he doesn’t look undead, though, it’s probably going to be a boring story arc. Surprise us. As for Joel and Sheila, it’s still the same character evolution, with a metaphorical perspective on making relationships work amidst challenging circumstances. That part where they deliberate about morality and the gray area involved in it is just as funny as it is insightful. Thank goodness this show has good writers. I’m loving the banters so far!

"Brains? I go for the guts first." –Sheila Hammond

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