Friday, March 23, 2018

Santa Clarita Diet: Episode 16

16. Pasión
Sheriff’s deputy Anne (Natalie Morales) is getting too close for comfort to the Hammonds’ secret and is obviously prying by asking Joel for dance lessons. Abby asks for advice from his father about going out with a boy at school, which will obviously hurt Eric’s feelings. Joel tells her to be honest to her best friend about it, which she does. The date doesn’t go as planned because she feels restricted as to how much to reveal about herself. She realizes that Eric is the only guy she can really talk to and be herself with. Joel gets his hands on Japopo’s receipts for clam chowder the day Ramona and Sheila turned to what they are and traces another customer who might have been infected. He is welcomed to his house where after beating around the bush it is revealed that the guy is, indeed, undead too. Joel kills him. Sheila is having trouble balancing her undead life and her career. Bottling up her emotions proves to be detrimental to her physical health as one of her eyes almost pops out. She sucks it up and becomes submissive to her boss.

Well, I like the irony in this episode, how Joel ends up holding his ground despite being in a disadvantaged position and actually succeeding, while Sheila ends up sucking it up to her boss despite always being the more dominant one. I also love how they framed the scenes with Joel’s confrontation with that undead guy. The writers definitely had fun with the tango reference and choreographed that scene like a dance, both in a literal and a figurative way. I love the writers of this show, always so creative! The lines are still comedy gold, a lot of them quotable. I guess the only boring subplot now is the Abby-Eric romance angle but at least the two seem to be self-aware about their situation. At least we don’t have to suffer from saccharine teenybopper fodder. Their story is just the good kind of mild distraction from the main storyline. As for the main premise, now that they have confirmed that Japopo’s clam dish is responsible for everything, I guess the next logical step is to investigate the suppliers.

"...Or getting shingles so young your doctors want to send you to Virginia for a special study." –Eric

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