Friday, March 23, 2018

Santa Clarita Diet: Episode 18

18. Easels and War Paint
Eric bails on Abby after realizing that he is not as bad-ass as she is. Sheila has no recollection of what happened after her blackout and seems to be convinced that she killed her boss and it’s his heart she is holding. To add to that, her other boot is missing. The next morning, the two are relieved to find their boss alive. He then fires Sheila and gives Joel her pitch. Eric’s mom fills in the missing details of the other night, telling Sheila how bad ass she is, convincing her to get baptized and Anne to pursue her creative side via painting. Abby finds one of the Nazis dead in their refrigerator. Husband and wife track his workplace and watch the CCTV footage, which shows how she killed the guy. They also find her missing boot. With all loose ends seemingly tied up, Joel does the pitch and quits, presenting Sheila a sample business card suggesting that they start their own company. In Anne’s garage, she does pursue her creative passion, by painting all the evidence she has so far about the Santa Clarita disappearances.

Where is Gary? I miss Gary and his being a shrink to Joel, haha. Anyway, there is no development as for the cause of the infection in this episode, which is also okay. I find it kind of slow but more than the mythology, what I really admire is how the series maintains its focus on family as well as on the complicated relationship between husband and wife given the supernatural issues they have to deal with on a daily basis. The only development in terms of subplot is Joel quitting and Sheila getting fired. It sends a good message and as corny as it might sound, I like how the writers are not forgetting about the heart of the show. The figurative heart of the show, not the literal one Sheila was munching on the other night. As for Anne, it seems like there is no other way to go but for her to die unless they find a clever way to get rid of her. More than her involvement, though, I am more intrigued with those two strangers with the Mr. Ball Legs tattoo. They just disappeared. They look like more of a threat than Anne, to be honest.

"If Elon Musk told us he would fuck us with a strap-on, you'd call it leadership." –Sheila Hammond

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