Friday, March 23, 2018

Santa Clarita Diet: Episode 14

14. The Queen of England
The truth about Ramona is revealed during breakfast. Meeting another undead excites Joel and Sheila. They hope to find a common link and lead them to what really killed both girls. The two meet Ramona at her flat and she admits that she’s the one killing joggers, which made it to the news. They advise her that she must be careful and sort of suggest that she must have a Joel in her life to help her. She gets back with Eric and holds him hostage. Gary changes his mind about dying and now wants to see his niece and her kid grow up. Sheila and Joel leave him be in the basement for the moment to prepare for dinner with Lisa, Eric’s mom. Abby goes back to school and decides to become a bad-ass, exhibiting the same brand of angst as she strangles Ramona later on in their house before dinner. Ramona backs down, deciding to just move to Seattle. She leaves the red ball she vomited, which grew spider legs, to Sheila and Joel. Joel finds out that Sheila and Ramona both had clam chowder at Japopo’s before their infection started.

Good thing Ramona didn’t die. I love that moment after the wacky fight where they talk it out and make her realize something that should be easily comprehensible to anybody else. She is as good as gone, though, now. That fight scene was just so hilarious, even the denouement. The main storyline as to what really caused the infection has been slow in developing, but at least we are still getting something out of it. They find a medieval predecessor of Mr. Ball Legs on the Serbian book after all. Perhaps the writers don’t know what to make out of it yet, which explains the slow plot development. It doesn’t bother me much, though, since this is a TV series and as long as they are on air, there will be plenty of time for big reveals. I am also loving how Gary has now become Joel’s shrink somehow. The premise is so fucked up, which I guess makes it all the more enjoyable, as absurd as that might be. I hope we get some answers soon as to what really causes the infection, but I also hope that the writers don’t screw it up.

"How do you have so much testosterone without balls?" –Sheila Hammond

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