Friday, March 23, 2018

Santa Clarita Diet: Episode 12

12. Coyote in Yoga Pants
The Hammonds try their best to put their life back on track. Abby and Eric go back to the dead Serbian guy’s house to access his computer and delete all email trail of their conversation, given how he is dead now and his disappearance might be pinned on them. Luckily, the guy’s PC has thumbprint access and his fingers are still in Sheila’s freezer. On the way out, they encounter two strangers who are revealed to also be after the Serbian guy’s bile. With her excess energy, Sheila turns to running to burn off energy and steam, chasing rabbits all the way to the desert where the buried Gary. They also try to revive their professional life by being eager and aggressive with their realtor boss. They are put to the test by securing a listing from a difficult client and find themselves in a roadblock as they go head-to-head with their high school nemesis, co-realtors Chris (Joel McHale) and Christa (Maggie Lawson). They eventually win the client’s trust as well as the new project, which will be built on the desert where they buried Gary.

Well, the love triangle is in full swing now. The subplot is rather predictable because it will obviously just be used to bring Abby and Eric closer together. What I’m anticipating are the complications involved in him dating someone like Sheila, meaning undead. I’m wondering if the two strangers they encountered at the dead Serbian’s house are related to Ramona somehow. One thing is for sure though, Sheila is clearly not the only one now, and that’s a welcome development. It’s also good to see Joel McHale here. The guy is so good at playing douchebags and I am looking forward to the restraint Sheila will have to endure not to kill them, hahaha. On a more serious note, again, despite the series having a rather absurd premise, I love seeing how Sheila’s situation can just be a metaphor for life itself and the problems we encounter on a daily basis, may it be literal sickness or figurative roadblocks in life. In the end we all just try to survive. After all, that’s what life is all about, isn’t it? Ironic to let a show that deals with death and murder make you realize that.

"Try it and I will kick your twat so far up your throat you'll get pregnant giving blowjobs." –Christa

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