Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Legend of the Blue Sea: Episode 5

푸른 바다의 전설: 제5
FLASHBACK: Dam-ryeong brings Se-hwa home, but a nasty rumor is circulated by his enemies blaming the town’s misfortune on an evil mermaid. A swordfight ensues, and the arrival of a shaman puts her life in danger. Back in modern day Seoul, Joon-jae disregards his own safety and speeds through the checkpoint to save Shim Cheong, who is almost caught by the murderer sent by his stepmother. He lies to the police and gets away with what he has done. When Shi-ah comes over to visit, an altercation occurs between the two women. He tells her that she has to leave if she insists on not telling him what really happened to them in Spain. She promises him that she’ll tell the truth if he meets her at N-Tower during the first snowfall. He gives her a smartphone with a tracking device so he’ll be aware of her whereabouts all the time, stalking her and making her hobo life easier for her. As she hurries up to Namsan when the first snow falls, she is hit by his stepbrother Chi-hyun’s (이지훈) car who is secretly trailing him.

BITCH FIGHT! Hahaha. I don’t have even a single iota of sympathy for third party girl. I can’t even remember her name. I have to look it up on the Wikipedia page every single damn time. Girl is two-faced, and forcing oneself on a guy like that who is rejecting you outright just reeks of desperation. Have a little bit of pride for breakfast? But then again, obsession works in many ways. Err, the wicked stepmother’s phone? Okay, the stepbrother just asked the question for me. Who the hell uses a flip phone nowadays? Anyway, I don’t know if it’s just me but the main characters are failing to connect on an emotional level here. I feel like everything they do is just fueled by some stubborn illogical reason that shouldn’t be complicated if they just act like rational human beings. And mermaids. I am enjoying the supporting characters more, like that hobo who serves as Mermaid’s guru. Her calling the rich people bank beggars is the single most intelligent line in this episode full of nothing but two beautiful faces playing hard to get.

Words of the day
유아 Orphan
유령 Ghost

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