Thursday, June 23, 2022

The Umbrella Academy: Episode 26

26. Marigold
Five plays cat and mouse with Pogo until the latter agrees to entertain him in his trailer home. He looks back to 2014 when Reginald was training the Sparrows for a suicide mission dubbed as Oblivion. Five decides to complete the cycle and have the symbols tattooed on his chest. Klaus sneaks into Reginald’s quarters again, the latter taking down notes about the former’s powers and drawing the same symbols tattooed on Five’s chest on his notebook. Diego and Lila look for a missing Stan and are led to a glass tunnel behind the wall of the White Buffalo Suite. Reaching the other side, they find themselves in a parallel hotel called Hotel Oblivion where Lila admits that Stan is not their kid before two of Diego’s fingers are sliced by an assailant. Ben gives Luther a Sparrow Academy jacket and invites him to join them. Viktor and Harlan complete their transfer of powers successfully with Allison in tow. Weakened, Viktor takes a rest while Harlan admits to Allison that he accidentally killed their moms. Enraged, she takes him, now powerless, back to the academy and surrender him to the Sparrows.

The storytelling is still solid, in my opinion. Subplots are starting to intertwine, and it looks like we are getting closer to answers. The White Buffalo Suite as well as Hotel Oblivion are obviously connected to Papa Hargreeves and it seems Klaus and/or Harlan will be at the center of whatever this is that they are dealing with. Allison is on full bitch mode now. Even though the writers are throwing some sympathy scenes towards our direction so we can understand her better, which I believe we do, I don’t think she will be emerging as a fan favorite again anytime soon. I acknowledge that this story arc is necessary for her character’s development, but what she’s been doing lately just leaves a bad taste in the mouth. As for Stanley, it was obvious from the very start that he’s not Lila and Diego’s kid, and now that the Kugelblitz just took him away in a snap, it had me questioning what his relevance is in the bigger picture aside from being a distraction and turning Diego into a literal Daddy.

“Just because something is right in front of you does not mean it is within reach. There is always something in the way. Sometimes it is your opponent. Sometimes it is yourself.” –Pogo

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