Thursday, June 23, 2022

The Umbrella Academy: Episode 28

28. Wedding at the End of the World
1918. Reginald Hargreeves discovers a universal portal in the middle of an empty field and builds a hotel to contain it. At present, as the world ends and nobody has a good plan to stop it, the Umbrellas sans Klaus as well as the last two Sparrows standing seek refuge at the Hotel Obsidian, which remains to be the only venue withstanding the humongous ball of fire engulfing everything around it. Luther and Sloane decide to get married and spend their last remaining time on Earth as husband and wife. Reginald and Klaus arrive, the latter attempting to make their father reconcile with his children. An awkward bachelor’s party and wedding reception follows suit where booze flows and almost everybody takes turns singing at the karaoke. Klaus manages to bring Ben into the fold, while Allison is hesitant to forgive Viktor despite him apologizing and trying to make amends. At the end of the evening, a drunk Five sees their father making a deal with someone at the White Buffalo Suite, but he passes out before seeing who it is.

Nothing happens in this episode, except for that mystery in the end making you speculate who Papa Hargreeves was talking to in the White Buffalo Suite. It can be any of the nine, but the main suspects are Ben, Allison or Klaus. Only those three are suspicious lately. It’s a guessing game but rather out of place in this episode so let’s leave that for the next one, shall we? This episode feels like a breather before something big is introduced. It is fun because we’ve seen most of these characters just so caught up with the end of the world. Seeing them just having fun to counter the gloom is something out of the ordinary. For them. Heck, even Five is belting (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life at karaoke! It also shines some light on why this Ben is such a dickhead. Unfortunately, the answer is as simple as him being the counterpart of Season One Luther here. In any case, there is still some mystery left. Who is the Jennifer girl he is painting in the previous episode? So there. Lots of unanswered questions, but this episode is all about life appreciation!

“Why should I want to befriend my own children? That's for hippies and people with low self-esteem.” –Reginald Hargreeves

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