Thursday, June 23, 2022

The Umbrella Academy: Episode 25

25. Kindest Cut
Ben and Fei try to discover the secrets of the Kugelblitz through Grace’s android eye but fail. She proposes the idea of working with the Umbrellas to save the world. Diego and Lila reunite and sleep together, resigned to the fact that they might not survive the end of the world this time around. Viktor has to decide whether to keep Harlan safe or surrender him to the Sparrows as his siblings suggest. She chooses the first option. Allison rumors Luther to want her but stops him when he begins to pin her down. Guilty, she runs off and sees Viktor and Harlan sneaking out. She volunteers to take Harlan away in Viktor’s place. Klaus crosses over to the next life again, meets his biological mother, and finds out that all of his 56 near death experiences were actually deaths which he came back from thanks to his powers. Later, he identifies the tattoo, which Five extracted from his old self’s chest, as that of the Mothers of Agony, a gang of bikers. Five locates their HQ and finds Pogo there as a tattoo artist.

No. Sorry, Allison. We don’t do sexual assault. We just don’t. Regardless if you are depressed and in a rebellious mood. She seems instantly remorseful about it, though. I guess this is why everybody online is hating on her right now. As for those complaining about Viktor getting a lot of screen time, lest we forget, he is a main character. Then Ellen Page was already getting top billing since Season 1, so I don’t know what your issue is. I believe the issue here is articulated well enough by his siblings. Viktor is annoying because he is suddenly part of the team and calling the shots. This is a simple case of sibling rivalry where the more experienced siblings are feeling annoyed by the sibling who suddenly feels like an expert despite being the noob. If you are hating on the character because he is trans, I’m sorry to break it to you but it looks like it is you who have problems to deal with. Anyway, why is it always Klaus getting a power upgrade? This is more of a realization, though, instead of something new. He’s basically Deadpool now.

“The universe is ending and we're all going to die.” –Lila

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