Thursday, June 23, 2022

The Umbrella Academy: Episode 24

24. Kugelblitz
On 10/01/1989 Harlan, now known as Lester, unleashes a violent energy blast as his mother Sissy succumbs to her illness on a hospital bed. 27 women, the mothers of the Umbrella Academy siblings included, simultaneously suffer a stroke and die before their children are born. Allison goes hardcore on Sloane, who is now a hostage of the Umbrellas. She is later returned along with the bodies of Jayme and Alphonso to Ben and Fei, who further demand that they want Lester surrendered to them as well. Stan is punished by Diego by obliging him to clean several rooms at the hotel. With his Uncle Klaus as his companion, they break into the White Buffalo Suite where the kid plays with a harpoon and accidentally shoots Klaus, the spear impaling him straight to the heart. Lila and Five arrive at a now destroyed Commission. They find the Operations Bunker along with The Commission’s founder who is revealed to be none other than Five (Sean Sullivan) himself: old, lacking an arm, and connected to a respiratory device.

I'm not liking this new version of Allison. I do understand why she is lashing out, though, and watching her try to rumor herself to be happy with all efforts in vain is probably her lowest point yet. Have you ever felt so powerless despite having a superpower but not being able to use it to improve your situation? That, I believe, is her current dilemma. But whatever, she and Ben seem to be competing for the Dickhead of the Year award as of late. I appreciate how they are addressing all loose ends. Harlan is back and he is pivotal to the storyline. Did he intentionally kill the Umbrellas’ moms? Since Ben is unaffected yet again due to his invisibility in the 60’s, I suppose Harlan’s multiple murders were planned after all, pretty much like Daddy Reginald avoided the Umbrellas as kids outright. I wonder how this will affect his relationship with Viktor and more importantly, how will this affect the main storyline? Harlan’s orange energy blasts are similar in hue to the Kugelblitz. Is he causing it? Is he the big bad this season that will unite the two academies?

“The Operations Bunker is paradox proof. In this room, all permutations of youself can exist.” –Old Five

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