Thursday, June 23, 2022

The Umbrella Academy: Episode 22

22. World's Biggest Ball of Twine
The Sparrows blame Marcus’ disappearance on the Umbrellas, kidnap Luther while he’s jogging, then treats him as a guest at the academy. Diego is forced to deal with his alleged son while Lila’s plan to flee is stalled by her broken briefcase. Using the Sparrows’ powers, she steals Five’s lost briefcase from the academy’s basement. Vanya transitions into Viktor (Elliot Page) and is welcomed with support by his siblings. Allison flies to LA only to discover that her daughter does not exist in this timeline, which triggers a slow downward spiral for her. Klaus takes Five along on a road trip, but the truth is that he wants to find his biological mother in Pennsylvania. He finds her sister instead who informs him that his mother died on 10/01/1989 along with several other women under mysterious circumstances. As the siblings wrestle with the concept of the Grandfather Paradox happening to them, the Sparrows let Luther go. They even give him a tote bag of goodies. Sloane calls him and levitates him secretly to her room, where they share a kiss.

Luther has a girlfriend. Yihee, Luther has a girlfriend. It’s fun to see Luther not moping around for once, but the downside is it looks like they passed that task to Allison. I couldn’t blame her though considering the BS she has had to put up with in the last two seasons. She lost a daughter and a husband during both of those time jumps, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she suddenly goes berserk and rumors everyone into something she’ll probably regret later. It’s cool to see the script accommodate Elliot Page’s transition. I bet he would have still portrayed Vanya as she is had the writers decided not to incorporate that subplot, but you can really see the camaraderie of the cast and crew in this decision. So, I guess to all those hating on him just for the sake of bigotry, don’t forget that this is their story as a family. This is their world; we’re just watching them. If they don't have a problem with it, why would you? Anyway, the plot moves forward and is kind of self-explanatory at this point. They fucked up the timeline again, and you can’t raise the stakes any higher than the Grandfather Paradox.

“I'm saying when we jumped here we created a time paradox. Not just any paradox, but this is the Grandfather Paradox.” –Five

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