Thursday, June 23, 2022

The Umbrella Academy: Episode 27

27. Auf Wiedersehen
1953. Lila watches her murder scene in the hands of The Handler over and over again on the Infinite Switchboard. She makes a deal with Herb to send her to ’89 West Berlin where she picks up her mom’s brief case and meets Stan and his mom, after which she takes him out time traveling to pick on Diego. Reginald takes Klaus on a road trip and kills him over and over again, helping him improve his resurrection turnaround. The remaining Umbrellas and Sparrows meet at the academy to plan the Kugelblitz’s containment, but not without Viktor and Allison having a heated confrontation in front of everyone first after the latter reveals that she killed Harlan. Once the dust settles, they set off to work at the basement where Viktor, Lila, and Sloane use their powers to trap the Kugelblitz inside Christopher. They succeed. Luther proposes to Sloane, and she accepts. Lila reveals to Diego that she is pregnant, for real. Fei breaks ranks with Ben, but Christopher suddenly erupts and the Kugelblitz emerges anew, swallowing her and the cube as the rest flee for their lives.

And so, my prediction comes true, even if it was obvious from the very start. They have to keep Ben because he’s OG despite being a dickhead version of the original. They have to keep Sloane to give Luther his own subplot. But we have three episodes left, so anything can still happen, really. Believing that they will solve the big Kugelblitz problem with three episodes left is wishful thinking. Too bad Fei died. She’s kind of growing on me already. In other news, Allison also gets a power upgrade care of Harlan. She can now just say whatever she wants without the I Heard a Rumor disclaimer. Fancy her new powers might be, I’m afraid the character might just not be able to rebound from this downward spiral, not to mention the internet already hates her so bad because of her story arc this season. Beyotch just went full-on Scarlett Witch. I really feel bad about all the stuff she said to Viktor. At this point it looks like she’s just, and always have been, lying by rumoring around to get what she wants. She is an actress, after all. What a brat.

“Oh, you clever thing. Look who found mother's little escape plan. Whatever is chasing you, Lila darling, keep running. Don't stop for a normal life. Normal isn't meant for girls like us. And remember, trust no one.” –The Handler

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