Wednesday, January 15, 2014

You Who Came from the Stars: Episode 9

별에서 온 그대: 제9회
30 years ago, Min-Joon saved Lawyer Jang from jumping off a building and since then, he has been his only friend. That was also the time when a jealous co-worker spat in his coffee. After drinking it, he was sick for a week. The fact that his saliva could not mix with that of human beings, as it could quickly take a toll on his health, is exactly the reason why he literally gets sick after kissing Song-Yi. Hwi-Kyeong’s older brother is now certain that he is protecting her and a confrontation ensues between the two men when the former is caught by the latter sneaking out of her apartment. Hwi-Kyeong’s brother decides to drop all pretenses and threatens Min-Joon upfront telling him to hand over the USB and that the only reason he and Song-Yi are still alive is because he is letting them live. 23 floors down as the elevator door opens, he finds Min-Joon in front of him despite not coming along for the ride; the latter threatening him back, saying that he could never kill him and that he will expose his identity to the world if he does not leave them alone. Hwi-Kyeong tells Se-Mi that he could not love her, but he wants her to remain as his friend. Se-Mi shows him the photo of Min-Joon saving Song-Yi 12 years ago.

Song-Yi going around Min-Joon’s house trapped in her sleeping bag like a caterpillar on drugs was too hilarious to watch. It is also good to see a role reversal here where she gets to take care of him. At least, it is not always the other way around. The best scenes in this episode would be the confrontation among the men. That confrontation at the elevator is intense, and what is worth noting is that you could also see a sense of fear in Alien’s glare but then he quickly retaliates, the bedazzlement evident in the enemy’s eyes is just priceless. The excitement, though, stems from the acknowledgment of an impending war between two individuals who have very different sources of power. On the other hand, the confrontation between Min-Joon and Hwi-Kyeong is just as exciting because all parties involved now have a vague idea that all of them already crossed paths 12 years ago. The next episode serves as the halfway mark, yet the plot is still surprising everyone every time. This show is plain awesome.

Expressions of the day
나가라고, 제발 I said get out, please
뭐하는거야지금? What are you doing now?

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