Wednesday, January 22, 2014

You Who Came from the Stars: Episode 11

별에서 온 그대: 제11회
Min-Joon renders Hwi-Kyeong’s brother unconscious but not without revealing his abilities and getting hit with a tranquilizer. Song-Yi sneaks into his house only to sneak out again after almost being attacked by one of Hwi-Kyeong’s brother’s goons. Distressed, she calls Min-Joon, who immediately teleports at her doorstep to make sure she’s alright, but then he collapses right there. Infatuated, Song-Yi continues to badger him with attention, but he ends up rebuffing her saying that he does not love her and is only helping her because she is pitiful. Not used to the idea of being rejected, Song-Yi breaks down, leaves, and is fetched by Hwi-Kyeong, whom Min-Joon called to pick her up. Apparently, the two guys had a short talk; Hwi-Kyeong insists that Min-Joon is the same guy who saved Song-Yi 12 years ago, but he brushes this off and warns him instead to protect her against his brother, who has found a new way to coerce them into handing over the USB by using her mom. Se-Mi pays Song-Yi a visit and drops clues here and there that Min-Joon is that guy from 12 years ago, just right as he lays motionless on the street on a pool of blood after being run over by one of Hwi-Kyeong’s brother's goons.

No shit? Obviously, Alien is not going to die, although the writers have been surprising us in each episode so that remains a possibility for now. Anyway, you can feel the melancholy when he asks Lawyer Jang how it feels like to grow old with someone because he would like to grow old with Song-Yi, but could not because his body is slowly deteriorating, which could even lead to death. While he has always been portrayed as somewhat invincible, it is in this episode where the probability of his death is exposed to make you think otherwise. I really could not help but praise the use of flashbacks in this drama because it always comes as a surprise, like that of him stopping motion after rejecting Song-Yi just to kiss her. Speaking of Song-Yi, she owned this episode once again, hands down. The most hilarious bit would be that day after the rejection when she gets to remember every single drastic attempt she did to woo him the night before, in all drunken stupor. Next would be that monologue at the comic book shop where she narrates her dilemma while her friend and the two resident bums serve as the judge. Exciting cliffhanger once again!

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얼굴이 왜그래 What's wrong with your face?
아니라고 I said no

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