Wednesday, January 1, 2014

You Who Came from the Stars: Episode 5

별에서 온 그대: 제5회
It is obvious that Hwi-Kyeong’s brother is responsible for Yoo-Ra’s “suicide” after Min-Joon overhears an ambiguous conversation between him and a hit man while on the cruise ship. If proven otherwise, then Older Brother gets away unscathed as Song-Yi is blamed for the depression that supposed to have prompted the suicide. Still hounded by reporters camping outside her door, she gets to spend more time with Min-Joon, and attempts to get to know him better despite his reluctance. She even gets to meet his lawyer friend who ends up pretending to be his father while they have a meal together. Having a talk at his balcony, she tells Min-Joon how she often stares at her billboard across the street, said to be the most expensive advertising spot in Seoul, to feel better every time she is down. The very same billboard is brought down, her endorsement deals back out one by one, and she is axed in her own drama, the lead role being passed on to her best friend Yoo Se Mi (유인나), who’s been playing support to her for the longest time. It also turns out that the new prosecutor in charge of Yoo-Ra’s case is Se Mi’s brother, and he is still hot on the tracks of Min-Joon after recognizing him in the salon CCTV footage.

It is funny how Song-Yi dealt with all the cancellations by making it appear as though she was the one who backed out. Even so, it is cool how the writers exploit this flaw of hers for comedic effect and yet preserve that flawed persona that she has, of being tough on the exterior even when she is in fact crumbling from within, not because she wants to but because she has to. She might not be the most intelligent woman in Seoul, but she surely knows how to play the game of the industry where she belongs. As such, it is not really that hard to root for her because she has attributes that remain likeable anyway. As for Alien, it is insinuated that he had to watch the young Joseon Dynasty widow die, although this scene is not yet shown. This clearly explains why he wants to be at a considerable distance from Song-Yi. Perhaps an Alien does take more than 400 years to recover from heartbreak? The question here is whether extra-terrestrials even have that ability to feel human emotions at all, but then again we are all clueless about this, huh? Hence, artistic license takes over where science leaves off. The pacing is just perfect and the storytelling remains solid, pretty much like 49 Days.

Expressions of the day
난 그렇단 말이지 That's how I am
니가 외계인이야?  Are you an alien?

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