Thursday, January 30, 2014

You Who Came from the Stars: Episode 13

별에서 온 그대: 제13회
Song-Yi continues to pursue Min-Joon despite his confession that he is an alien. He then recalls the many instances in the past when he admitted the truth to friends and acquaintances alike, all of which ended up shunning him, with the significant exception of lawyer Jang. Making an agreement with Hwi-Kyeong’s brother to get all the blame for his crimes in exchange for Song-Yi’s safety, he successfully drives her away. She is heartbroken at first, but bounces back rather quickly in preparation for her comeback movie in which she would be playing support to Se-Mi. She is not the only one to get to know Min-Joon’s secrets, though, as Se-Mi’s brother the prosecutor does some digging and discovers that Min-Joon and the supposedly dead owner of the pen found at the crime site where he was attacked are one and the same. Hwi-Kyeong’s brother’s goon sabotages the harness Song-Yi would use for a stunt. As Min-Joon prepares to confess a crime he did not commit, Song-Yi leaps, apparently to her death.

Fine, Hwi-Kyeong’s brother is cuckoo. I guess seeing him have a chat with a dead Yoo-Ra confirms this, although I must admit that the idea of Yoo-Ra’s death being just a ploy and seeing her alive and kicking did cross my mind as an interesting pot twist, except that she is really dead. This makes the plot development even more interesting because the two opposing forces do not have a lot of fears, and this probably explains why he is not at all afraid of Min-Joon, in spite of his supernatural abilities. In terms of the reversal of roles, perhaps we would be seeing Min-Joon chasing Song-Yi in the next few episodes. I mean, he has already begun doing so by not letting Hwi-Kyeong buy his flat. This is bound to be interesting as Alien shows more emotions. However, for the episode, it is still Song-Yi who stands out because of her seemingly bi-polar tendencies, and that scene where she is used as a model for the five stages of grief is simply hilarious.

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거기 누구업서? Isn't anyone there?
방금 뭐야? What happened just now?

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Mariane Ballesteros said...

Hmmm actually mas interesting nga if buhay pala si Yoo ra! Can't wait for Ep 14 kakainis wala last wk! haha

ihcahieh said...

There's something about Yoo-Ra that I want to keep her around, maybe because ang subtle ng pagka-bitchy ni Se-Mi. Hindi siya maka-lebel kay Song-Yi XD

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