Thursday, January 23, 2014

You Who Came from the Stars: Episode 12

별에서 온 그대: 제12회
Just before an ambulance arrives at the scene, Min-Joon manages to teleport back to his apartment, albeit still bloodied and weak. Song-Yi rebukes Se-Mi and dismisses her tirades as rants of jealousy. She then breaks into Min-Joon’s apartment and finds him on the floor unconscious and drenched in his own blood. Lawyer Jang immediately comes to the rescue and warns her that Min-Joon only has two months left, after which he would be leaving for good. As he recovers, Min-Joon dreams about happy moments with Song-Yi, them as a couple, and her carrying his child. On the other hand, Hwi-Kyeong is having more and more doubts about his brother after overhearing his conversation regarding Min-Joon, and then finding out that he just established a one-man agency for Song-Yi. He then begins to investigate. Song-Yi tells the detective who comes to question her that Hwi-Kyeong’s brother is the guy Han Yoo-Ra was secretly seeing before her death. Fully recovered, Min-Joon arranges a date with Song-Yi and brings her to the museum where the hair accessory of the young Joseon widow is displayed. There he tells her all the truth there is about him, concluding it by shattering glass to show her his power.

Damn, there is just too much crying in this episode! While 전지현 herself is pretty good at crying, the best actor in a crying role award would have to go to 김수현. If you are not convinced, then just go and see the epilogue. In other news, this episode has just broken the show’s ratings record, getting closer than ever to cracking 30% in the Seoul National Capital Area; that despite not having a lot of funny moments like a typical episode would. It looks like this drama is reaching its peak, and with each episode packed with revelations which effectively move the plot forward, it is bound to get even more exciting. Korean dramas always have that part where it is then the indifferent guy’s turn to chase the girl, and based on Song-Yi’s reaction, this is going to be interesting. It is a bit predictable, though, especially when you have already seen Korean dramas of this kind where the role reversal is sort of inevitable. Whatever, though, we are just too entertained to even care! But, yes, more comedy in the next episode, please!

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