Thursday, January 2, 2014

You Who Came from the Stars: Episode 6

별에서 온 그대: 제6회
A young Se-Mi watches in horror, and later amazement, as she witnesses her friend Song-Yi get saved by a young man from a speeding truck. Camera at hand, she snaps a photo. 12 years later, she sneaks into his brother’s (the prosecutor) room and sees the Yoo-Ra case files, along with a picture of the same guy aboard the cruise ship. Min-Joon is invited by a police officer for questioning regarding his appearance on the cruise ship, but had to flee after sensing that Song-Yi is in trouble. Hwi-Kyeong’s brother pays her a visit, but no harm comes her way because he is just probing what she knows, and she appears to know too much. A few days after, she receives a birthday present, a photo of her with her eyes gouged out. To make matters worse, her agency has decided to postpone her contract renewal days before her birthday. En route to class, Min-Joon saves her again from the paparazzi. Later, she asks him to be her manager. Hwi-Kyeong rents out an entire amusement park to surprise her for her birthday, and later proposes, again, while on the Ferris Wheel. Eavesdropping from down below, Min-Joon temporarily stops motion and walks away, not wanting to hear her answer.

Unable to use all of his powers, Min-Joon had to watch the young Joseon widow get hit by two arrows that were supposed to be for him, and then she dies in his arms. This flashback is epic because for the very first time we see Alien display strong emotion as he cries his heart out, and wow, this actor does know how to cry. It is just that for six episodes now we just see him poker faced all the time, while Song-Yi is the one who tends to elicit most of the emotional reaction from the viewers. The best revelation of the episode, though, would be Se-Mi. Now she knows that Song-Yi’s “first love” from 12 years ago and Min-Joon are one and the same, which is actually to her advantage because she likes Hwi-Kyeong. The question is, what would she do? This episode has shown how she could be a two-faced bitch, although we are still unsure if she values her friendship with Song-Yi more than her repressed hatred for her, which makes it all the more exciting. So far, this show has been using flashback well as a plot device. The common themes prevalent in both past and present, such as the first snow and the hair accessory artifact, help a lot in establishing coherence and continuity. Great job in keeping us satisfied, writers!

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