Saturday, January 11, 2014

Wait, What, It’s 2014?!

2014 January 5 – 11
Wait, What, It’s 2014?!

ihcahieh says:
Intensive reviews had to be rescheduled to accommodate more shifts. I must say that the pressure is on but it is that very same pressure that really gets me going. With two jobs and scholarly affairs having to share the 24 hours that limit an Earth day, I feel more energized and productive when I know that I have a lot of things to accomplish before the day ends, or in some cases, before the new day begins. In any case, what I have learned so far is to surrender and admit that I could not do everything and this admission, in my opinion, is what triggered this new mentality in which I put logic first before ambition. I used to think that my brain is one mean war machine, and to some extent it still is, but the host body could just not keep up. Even so, I am determined to acknowledge these limitations and maximize the time available for me to accomplish everything. That is the most important consideration for the New Year, I guess. While intensive German review has been stalled for a while, there is no abandonment on my part, and everything will resume once vacation starts, what with the absence of school work. I have proven many times that I could do this, and do this I shall. The week ended with the HSK 4 exam. My expectations are not that high, but if I am to assume, there is a 50-50 passing rate after careful evaluation of what I was able to answer and what I just guessed. I admit having been more lax this week, but only because my plans were mostly hijacked by the two other entities with which I have to co-exist.

Alfie says:
Wow, what can I say ba? This week has been, like, a bit intense because of all the aral here trabaho there and stuff. If I were to decide, I would have just hang out with the gang more frequently. It’s been quite malungkot, you know, sad. Two are leaving and I think we won’t be seeing one ever again, kasi he lives in the US. The other one we are going to see pa in Hong Kong for her birthday this March. Anyway, I’m a bit nagsisisi because I never really took the effort to make kilala my classmates better. But dude, I am not to blame here huh, just to make it clear. Blame ihcahieh for this. Gosh, he has been in control of the host body since high school hanggang college, and until now it’s still HIM HIM HIM. Like, dude, is being an ermitanyo your dream ba? It’s always work – study – work – study. But in fairness to him, huh, he makes me borrow the host body more often now than before, and that’s why I am able to hang around with the Rainbow Gang, stalk people both online and offline, and stuff. HAHAHA. I also like how we watch Koreanovelas more often now, but he still always makes pakialam my viewing pleasure by pausing the video to jot down notes, which I admit is okay din naman no because I love Korean and him learning Korean means I will be able to use it more na for interaction. I guess this is what they call compromise. Ako naman kasi, I’m not that mahirap kausap, as long as I get what I want. If we both get what we want, e di win-win, right? But for 2014, I want more control, and I’ll make sure he knows that.

Dan the Wrathful says:
I haven’t been getting a lot of sleep lately. Putang ina naman kasi e. I hate 2013. I think I will also hate 2014 as long as that son of a bitch is in control of this host body. Tang ina. No exercise. No healthy food. Not enough sleep. Work. Study. Ni hindi man lang nga ako makapag-jogging o swimming. I would not be surprised if this body suddenly drops dead tomorrow. Lampa na nga hindi pa inaalagaan. I am not asking for autonomy or obliteration of any of the three of us. I am just asking for balance. Mahirap bang gawin yun? Laging pinagyayabang yung kinikita niya pero hindi niya nakikita yung mga bagay-bagay na masama ang epekto sa aming tatlo na dapat niyang lubayan. I hate being weak. At least when I was in control for some time a few years ago we almost reached the right weight, bottom line is we have never felt THIS weak. Not to mention the cold weather here, which is almost killing me. Yun siguro ang dahilan kung bakit di ako makabira dito e. The retard enjoys the cold weather. Element daw niya. Kampihan silang dalawa e at ako na naman ang kontrabida gaya ng dati. For 2014 I want more fucking control. More food. More exercise. Swimming. I’d even go as far as climb that mountain behind the campus if that is what it takes to bring this body back to mint condition. A change will happen soon, I swear. I will be the agent of that change. I am sick and tired of feeling God damned depressed every day because of delusional workaholic and the self-destructive habits of that idiotic retard. Mag-abang kayong dalawa. Babawi ako.

So what do you think about 2013 in general? Ang plastik nitong usapan na ‘to. You know I’d rather incinerate you than engage in a “clever” discussion. HAHA, I love your angst dude. New Year na New Year. IMHO this is a good exercise. We can make ayos naman everything peacefully. You both know I am not here to negotiate and that all this is merely for recording purposes, right? Anyway, I have a shift in a few hours so let us get this over with, shall we? And why don’t we start the discussion with your avatar? White Tiger of the East talaga ang peg? This is pointless. You know very well that I have always been the blue dragon, but then you grabbed the avatar before I could, and I am not the type to create a fuss over such trivial, not to mention, juvenile, thing. Fine dude, you already. To be honest, I could say that I have been okay with what happened last year, in terms of social life ha. Kasi I thought when we arrived here in Xiamen it would be back to dating gawi, you know, the solitary existence and stuff. But I was really surprised that you let me do my thing. Well, you know that I am always open to reasonable demands. Which is ironic because you yourself are not reasonable. How come? Care to elaborate on that? As if you don’t already know? Akala ko ba matalino ka. Umayos ka. 2014 na. You should know better. I am effin’ sick and tired of the mood swings shaking me every time either one of you engages in something stupid and self-destructive. And I thought I was supposed to be the malevolent one. Well, to be honest, I totally get your point. I think I have been quite excessive in the last few years, but could you really blame me? Everything that I do bears fruit. I have already allowed you two to take over but all I ever end up doing is clean up your mess. Not to mention how expensive your mistakes tend to be, especially you, Alfie. Special mention lang talaga ako? Well, you more than anybody else should understand where I’m coming from. It’s passion, dude. I think you are looking for the word “obsession”. And the migraine I’ve been getting every day because of that is fucking insane. Can’t you take a hint? Or are you really just dense. HAHA, just admit it, dude. You hate me because I know how to live. Not like you, always galit to the world, as if it owed you something. If that’s the way to live then no, thank you. Have you no self-respect? You lower yourself that much. Nakakaawa ka. Whatevs, dude. In the end, we're all just miserable. I just have my own way of dealing with it. Okay, I guess that is enough for now. I want to dye our hair white. A lot of people have already told us that you cannot do that unless you want to burn our scalp. Ako I’ll settle for platinum blonde. And I suppose I’m the one paying for this again. Dude, foul. Do you always have to rub it in that it’s you who is making akyat all the moolah here. Talaga, nakakapika na paulit-ulit. Nothing wrong in telling the truth, and the fact that it hurts further validates its authenticity. Fuck you. I’d like to see you try. HAHA, that’s so gay. Whatevs, dudes. Whatevs.

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