Thursday, January 9, 2014

You Who Came from the Stars: Episode 8

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Song-Yi could not shake off the image of Min-Joon stopping her car from falling down the cliff. Coming back from the hospital, she finds her apartment in shambles, which leads him to let her stay in his apartment for a while. She then recalls various instances in which she thinks she saw him save her: seeing him in the car before coming out of nowhere to dodge the falling fishbowl; saving her from falling off the cruise ship. To her, all these instances don’t make any sense to be true, yet they seem so real to be dismissed as a dream. She consults a psychiatrist, who tells her that she could be suffering from visual hallucinations brought about by stress, as well as her subconscious dependence on him. Min-Joon has developed feelings for Song-Yi, even though he does his best to hide this. Curious as to why he does not seem attracted to her, she subjects him to the 15-second test, owing to her charm as a bankable endorser who needs just 15 seconds to make any guy fall for her. She sets the timer on her smartphone. Before the fifteen seconds run out, Min-Joon pulls her closer, ending with their lips locked in a kiss.

And so they kiss again, huh. Perhaps the important question now is would we be seeing other extra-terrestrials posing an obstacle to this love affair, like a deranged alien girlfriend coming to fetch Min-Joon, perhaps? If the only hindrance now is his two months left on Earth, he could definitely extend, although there are some signs pointing to the direction where he would possibly become human after all this is over. Surprise us, writers. For now, speculating is so much fun! As for that scene where Hwi-Kyeong tells Se-Mi to just call that guy he is hopelessly in love with, and then she calls him right there and then, wow! Guy just has no clue. Now I understand where Se-Mi is coming from. Anyone who has been living in the shadow of someone who always hogs the spotlight, even unintentionally, deserves the right to be bitchy. Anyway, Alien’s reaction to Song-Yi breaking all his priceless antiques is just so funny; and then you have that flashback where he gets drunk and starts telekinetically lifting everything and everyone in sight. This episode is not as exciting as the last, but those little details make it enjoyable nonetheless.

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