Thursday, December 26, 2013

You Who Came from the Stars: Episode 4

별에서 온 그대: 제4회
Yoo-Ra, Song-Yi’s fiercest rival, is found dead on the Han riverbank the morning after a high-profile event that both women attend. With no sign of resistance found on the corpse, the police force wants to declare it as an obvious suicide, but a new prosecutor is eager to prove otherwise. Reviewing the CCTV footage from that night, he sees something peculiar: Min-Joon is on the cruise ship despite not being on the official list of invited guests, and what is more, he disappears just as a tipsy Song-Yi is about to fall overboard, both of them vanishing into thin air altogether in the next frame. Min-Joon indeed saves Song-Yi, and by accident shares his first kiss with her as he lays her down on an empty cabin bed. However, the accident results in a media circus, blaming the “suicide” on Song-Yi for being harsh to Yoo-Ra, as evidenced by a viral video of the former berating the latter. Hounded by the paparazzi who storm the floor where she lives, she seeks refuge at Min-Joon’s place, discovering his collection of antique books and artifacts.

Hands down, the most exciting episode so far! Given how it has already been hinted on the previous episode that Song-Yi could die even though we all know that Min-Joon would save her anyway, the writers found a way to undo the boredom that such predictability would eventually bring by going non-linear on the plot and throwing some CCTV footage into the mix to achieve some sort of CSI feel, at least for the first half of the episode. It is also a clear indicator of the many subplots worth exploring to make all 20 episodes worth the watch: the extra-terrestrial exposed by the media; the fall of a top celebrity; and of course, that thing called fate. The flashbacks also help a lot in establishing Alien’s attitude towards humans. In this episode, the family of the young widow he saved attempted to kill him, along with the girl, because of the dishonor he had caused by bringing the supposedly dead daughter back to life. This is also revealed to be the reason why he got left behind, temporarily incapacitated by the arsenic-laced food he ingested, watching helplessly as their UFO took off. So far so good, impressive in fact! SBS just got themselves another hit. Truly addicting!

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