Wednesday, February 5, 2014

You Who Came from the Stars: Episode 14

별에서 온 그대: 제14회
Min-Joon cannot kill anyone because doing so would also mean his death. This Hwi-Kyeong’s brother knows about because a week before Song-Yi’s leap of death, one of his goons bugged lawyer Jang’s bag which allowed them to monitor his conversations with the extra-terrestrial. This is why despite hovering in mid-air right after being telekinetically hurled by Min-Joon off the top of a very high building, he still has the guts to taunt him and bargain for his life. Min-Joon grants him less than a minute of free fall before cutting what otherwise could have been a gruesome death brought about by gravity. Before all this, Min-Joon confesses his perfect lie to Se-Mi’s brother at the prosecutor’s office, but he and his colleague could not get themselves to believe him, especially right after he bolts out the door and disappears into thin air after hearing about Song-Yi’s unfortunate accident. Her harness snaps, as expected, but Hwi-Kyeong breaks her fall, landing both of them in the emergency room. Song-Yi’s father comes to the rescue to donate the rare blood type he shares with his daughter. Hwi-Kyeong, on the other hand, remains in critical condition.

Remember that awesome CSI-esque episode post-Yoo-Ra’s death? They emulate that here and the result is a non-linear narration which tickles your curiosity long enough to prime you for more revelations coming your way. The elite club of those in the know regarding Min-Joon’s real identity adds a few members which now include Hwi-Kyeong’s brother and perhaps Se-Mi’s brother and his partner too, which is quite obvious after the ad nauseam Harry Potter namedropping. He is an alien, my dear, not a wizard. What makes everything interesting now is the stalemate between those two guys. If they really could not kill one another, then they would have just to outwit and outplay each other. Survivor much! What steals the show, though, is the unexpected family drama that unfolds with the rather impromptu reunion of Song-Yi’s family, which enables her to own the episode despite being in a coma. As for Min-Joon, perhaps we need more time to adjust to accommodate his angry face after 12 episodes of convenient blasé. If this drama is to extend until episode 21, then we are 2/3 done. Excited yet?

Expressions of the day
잘알아 I know well
왜 이상하지? Why is it so weird?

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