Thursday, August 18, 2022

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law - Episode 1

1. A Normal Amount of Rage
En route to a vacation with her cousin Bruce (Mark Ruffalo), Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) crashes their jeep down a cliff as they are ambushed by a Sakaarian spacecraft. Both injured, the cousins attempt to flee, his blood entering her system through an open wound in the process. It doesn’t take long before she finds herself transforming into She-Hulk every time she is triggered by anger and/or fear. Knowing well what she is going through, Bruce plays the willing mentor by holding her hostage at his beach bar cum laboratory in Mexico. They soon find out that her case is a bit different given how she does not have an alter ego controlling her while she is green and mean. In fact, she appears totally conscious and lucid while in her She-Hulk form and seems to have a better handle on reverting to her human form at will. The duo part ways as she goes back to her life as a lawyer, but is forced to transform in the courtroom when her hearing is ambushed by a superpowered influencer named Titania (Jameela Jamil).

Episode 1 is your typical origin story which leaves a couple of questions that we will tackle just about now. Who is on that Sakaarian ship? Given how Jeff Goldblum’s scenes were cut from Thor: Love and Thunder, there really is no canon explanation about his whereabouts. Is it the Grandmaster hunting down his former champion? If becoming a Hulk can be achieved through a simple blood transfusion, why hasn’t anyone ever attempted it before? Treat that as a rhetorical question. I don’t believe anyone can literally draw blood from Bruce without having a death wish, so perhaps this case is unique. She-Hulk is now the first superhero in the MCU who can break the fourth wall, and it’s weird, considering how she also seems caught unawares in that one scene where she talks to the screen. With Deadpool joining the pack soon, I hope these two would have the chance to interact. Their commentaries would be interesting. Overall, I like this. I hope they get to explore the legal side of the MCU here even more. We do need more of that.

“What is the responsibility of those with power? Do they merely have an obligation to refrain from the misuse of that power? Or do they have a duty to protect those without it?” –Jennifer Walters

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