Sunday, July 31, 2011

[PETALING JAYA] I Didn’t Punch Her on Purpose!

I am as good as blind when I swim. It does not matter if I wear goggles or not, especially when I am doing strokes. I am blind. That pool they called Lake Something Something was probably the best alternative to a lap pool, but there were a lot of people in it. Still, I insisted on doing my laps when suddenly, BAM! I think I just punched someone, and then right there in front of me, just as disoriented as I was, a middle-aged woman surfaced. I immediately exclaimed my regret and asked if she was okay. I half expected her to answer, "Of course not, you sun of a beach. You just punched me!" But then she said she was fine and life went on as it should. No no drama. We don't want no drama. Not in Sunway Lagoon, we don't. I should have gone to a swimming complex instead.

But it was really hot that day. Since I arrived in KL, the weather has been wacky; it would rain hard and then suddenly the sun would come out to toast you. It has been this same routine all week. Today was the day for toasting, and I just wanted to jump into the nearest body of water I could find. That is why the water park went straight on top of my priority list upon arrival at Sunway. How to get there? Subang Jaya station on the KTM line, the same one for Batu Caves but headed the other way. Yes, it is a slow train. Give it around 30 minutes. There is a mini bus waiting at Subang Jaya station to bring you to Sunway. How would you know if you have reached Sunway? Look for the sphinx's head. And the pyramid. Hard to miss!

They ask you to wear a wristband, the color of which indicates which parks you can enter. There are five. The "all-parks" wristband is worth a hundred ringgit. You have to deposit RM10 for the wristband, refundable upon exit. The other option is for three parks (theme park, water park, and wildlife park). RM80. Not that much of a difference. And so you might want to ask: Are the Extreme and Scream Parks really worth another RM20?

The Scream Park is scary for all the wrong reasons. For one, it is dark. While the ghosts would not really steal your personal belongings, there is just this lingering thought that you would no longer have your wallet and mobile phone once you get out. Being one of the actors in there must be pretty frustrating. You know how sarcastic people could be, even more so those who go to attractions like this to make fun of the place. They specifically ask you at the entrance to please not punch or kick the ghosts and the zombies. They would touch you or approach you but they will never harm you. They could not reiterate this enough. One of the zombies almost stepped on my foot, by the way. Right there I knew why, HAHAHA. There are parts of the attraction characterized by long boring silence and lack of fanfare, which makes you want to ask if the ghosts went out on lunch break. The zombie area maximizes the use of strobe lights to achieve a cinematic effect. The part where you wear 3D glasses would be almost impressive, if not for the slits on the walls where the ghosts in masks are obviously set to appear. Give this attraction at least half an hour to finish.

The Extreme Park is loaded with activities that make up for the Scream Park's deficiencies. The bungy is cheap but not that high. The reverse bungy is also cheap but not that high either. The hanging bridge really does shake. The go kart circuit is short and has to be paid for separately, which is the same case with the bungy and reverse bungy. There is a small archery range. There are ATVs which you can rent. Rappelling is also possible along with kayaking at the lake. Most of these have separate fees. The only fee included in the all-park wristband is the entrance, along with a few of the mentioned facilities.

The water park is the most extensive as it covers most of the area. There is a wave pool next to the artificial waterfall flowing into the "river" where you can wade around on a rented inflatable. There are various slides for extra fun but the lines could be long, even more so on weekends. There is a kiddie pool complete with an activity center next to the "lake" I talked about in the first paragraph. These are all next to the wildlife park. The area by the entrance has a fake beach with sand and sunbathing areas. The deep areas of the pool are usually off-limits.

The only features of the wildlife park that I saw were the two sleeping Bengal Tigers. I decided against a tour because I have had enough of animals. Instead, I looked for the roller coasters after crossing the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in Asia. After all the high altitude thrills, I am still acrophobic. Imagine that. After all the rides, I decided to take a last look of the water park and take pictures. As this is a public place, you would see a lot of people. Hooray for stating the obvious! There are men wearing trunks, men who should not be wearing trunks, women who should eat something, women who should stop eating, men in their third trimester, men who need to wear bras, etc. It is a freak show, really. You know water parks and beaches. Such funny places! And yes, I am evil, thank you very much.

[PETALING JAYA] I Didn’t Punch Her on Purpose!

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